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Producers: Marty Beller, Bill Doucette.

Mixing engineers: Jordan Levy Ross, Jeremy Page, Marc Bazerman.

Mastering Engineer: Tom Durack, Inwood Hill Masters.

BOSTON (December 14, 2020) – The Boston area’s beloved family musician Stacey Peasley celebrates a positive message of empowerment, courage, and strength in her fifth kids’ album, Make it Happen! Packed with lyrical wisdom born of Stacey’s life as a parent, teacher, and performer, Make it Happen! will be released on February 12, 2021.

Make it Happen! centers on creating relationships and experiences, both individual and community. Each of the album’s ten original songs imparts a story carefully crafted to resonate with children and families. The heart of Stacey’s charm is found in the ways these stories roll effortlessly out of her songs to connect with listeners in a meaningful way.

“I think I’m a good storyteller, and I write songs about unique experiences that aren’t often written about,” says Stacey Peasley. “I have been inspired by so many different things this past year. Looking at our social and political landscape and honing in on the experiences that kids have shared with me has really taken my writing to a new level. Credit is also due to my long-time producer Marty Beller. Throughout our ten-year collaboration, Marty has always applauded my work and pushed me to do better when he knew I could.”

Citing influences as varied as Janis Joplin, Grace Slick, Joni Mitchell, ‘50s and ‘60s girl groups, and ‘80s music with big catchy choruses, as well as Alanis Morissette, Sheryl Crow, Gwen Stefani, Stevie Nicks, Etta James, Aretha Franklin, Carole King, and Karen Carpenter, Stacey Peasley says, “It’s not just because of their amazing vocals, it’s also that some of these women were also great songwriters. I have always loved their melodies, lyrics, and harmonies!”

Make it Happen! opens boldly with a title track whose lyrics and style are a perfect match for the song’s profoundly inspirational message. With this number, the album’s co-producer, Marty Beller, offers a tip of the hat to Michael Jackson’s “Man in the Mirror.” Happy Tears” is a “tale of two Staceys,” celebrating the mom right alongside the consummate professional onstage, singing her heart out for many years in the NYC-based ‘50s and ‘60s girl group tribute band, The Chiclettes. Stacey’s great vocals, backed by Vitalijus Lisovskis’s outstanding tenor sax, recreate the very best of a beloved era on this standout ballad. Other highlights include “What Girls Do,” inspired by Elizabeth Warren’s presidential campaign, when Senator Warren made pinky promises to young girls and told them, “I’m running for president, because that’s what girls do.” “At the Parade” is another lyrical snapshot, dated March 2020. In the silent spring of the quarantine, St. Patrick’s Day parades were cancelled, but from Stacey’s indomitable spirit emerged the idea that families could create their own parades at home. Reminiscent of ‘80s Cars and ‘90s Weezer songs, “At the Parade” conjures a scene led by the brilliant trumpet of Matthew Girard. Channeling Queen’s “We Will Rock You” was “just the ticket” that inspired Stacey Peasley to compose her first sports stadium anthem, “Play the Game.” Listeners will hear a distinctly ‘90s-style, No Doubt/Gwen Stefani influence in “Goodie Bag.” The only song on Make it Happen! that was recorded live, “Soapy Bubbles,” is an updated version of Stacey’s most popular song, which first appeared on her debut album, Together.

A 28-year professional music career was launched when 18-year-old Stacey Peasley became a member of the NYC-based girl group, The Chiclettes, Stacey will forever retain a deep love and appreciation for the innocent, catchy songs of the girl-group era. For the past decade, however, Stacey has dedicated her career to performing for what she calls the most precious and delightful of audiences, children and families.

In addition to her work with The Chiclettes, Stacey’s significant credits including singing backup for ‘60s idol Lou Christie at the Continental Airlines Arena in New Jersey, Foxwoods Resort Casino, Westbury Music Fair, Oakdale Theater, and Tropicana Hotel & Casino in Atlantic City. Stacey’s TV appearances include Rock, Rhythm & Doo Wop 52, which still airs on PBS!  While maintaining a busy performance schedule for grown-up audiences at night and on weekends, Stacey spent her daytime hours with children as a public school social studies and English teacher. She holds a B.A. in history and an M.A. in secondary education, with a concentration in social studies, from Adelphi University.

After the birth of her first child, Stacey began to write songs that captured the amazing things she observed as a new mom, little knowing she would soon develop a brand-new career that combined both of her passions – music and working with children. Fast forward a decade, and Stacey can reflect on her many accomplishments as an established family music artist, with credits that include writing and recording four critically acclaimed albums, Together (2011), Lucky Day (2014), RSVP (2016), and Under the Tree (2019), with awards from Creative Child Magazine, Parents’ Choice, and NAPPA.  Lucky Day was named one of the Top 20 albums of 2014 by KDXH Radio’s Musical-Merry-Go-Round. Stacey is also the recipient of a Nickelodeon Parents Connect Parents’ Pick Award for Best Party Entertainer, as well as two Community Kangaroo Joey Awards for her Boston-based music classes, Lucky Day Music.

Stacey Peasley counts it a true blessing to be able to spend her days writing songs, singing, dancing, and bringing music to the lives of children at schools, classes, and shows. She says, “I love observing children, hearing the things they tell me, and using that amazing input to create music. The resulting songs might be curriculum-based or just for fun, but they all promote movement and imagination, and they’re all inspired by real-life experiences.”

Make it Happen will be available at Apple Music/iTunes, Amazon Music, Bandcamp, and

“Exuberantly upbeat, Make it Happen! carries a strong positive message and is highly recommended for car trips or stay- at-home fun.”
- Midwest Book Review
“If the buoyant title track is any indication, Peasley’s latest album will be the dose of joy we all need in an otherwise uncertain, chilly winter.”
"Peasley has bright, bouncy messages that uplift in an infectious way and spread good. Well done."
"A heartwarming and inspiring reminder that we can make the world better than ever. An amazing reassurance of hope in our topsy-turvy world. This is Stacey Peasley at her utmost finest, and I applaud her for putting the right kind of song at the right time. The anthem we really need, for many good reasons."
"Stacey Peasley’s new album Make It Happen! is a positive new presentation that listeners of all ages will enjoy. That is proven in part through its lyrical content. The lyrical content promotes self-confidence and empowerment, as well as just general fun. The themes vary throughout the album, keeping things interesting just in this aspect. The musical arrangements that accompany the album’s lyrical content adds its own appeal. That is because it is even more diverse than the album’s lyrical themes. There is vintage ska, there is some kindie pop, country, and even some R&B influence among the many stylistic approaches here. The sequencing of the album’s content puts the finishing touch to the album’s presentation. It ensures the noted variance in the album’s content while also presenting a very specific approach to the record’s body in regards to the energies in the songs’ arrangements. Each item noted is important in its own way to the whole of the record. All things considered, they make the album a presentation that holds its own against this year’s current field of new family music albums."
“Stacey Peasley makes good things happen on her charming new album, Make It Happen!. Across ten tracks, she takes her listeners on an array of outings and activities. There are trips on a train and to a swimming pool; attending a parade and going a party: playing games and just playing – and getting boo boos too. Her cheery, energetic songs celebrate these simple joys of life, although these things haven’t been very simple to do lately due to the pandemic. So besides being filled with fun, active tunes, the album can also serve as some sort of upbeat musical substitute for the real thing."
"Stacey Peasley’s fifth album for families, Make It Happen!, is a wonderfully refreshing thirty minutes of music. Backed by popping melodies, each of the ten original songs in this collection tells a story packed with details that children can easily relate to. The first three tracks – “Make It Happen,” “Boo Boo,” and “What Girls Do” – employ lyrics that empower listeners with messages that acknowledge that even though being a kid is hard, they are resilient and are here to do amazing things. With spring and summer sports beginning again, listeners will get all revved up for game day with the anthem “Play the Game,” while “Swimming Pool” will be a good track to share with children who might be nervous about taking swimming lessons for the first time. If you’re looking for new songs to use during storytime, “Choo Choo” is a great fast paced tune to use during a dance break, while “At the Parade” is interactive from beginning to end, inviting listeners to be the instruments, marchers and cheering audience at the parade. Make it Happen! is a joy from beginning to end."
"Stacey’s work demonstrates how children’s music shapes youthful perceptions of the Venn diagram circles where family, community, and the outside world meet. With nearly 30 years of musical performing experience (and more than 10 years of parenting experience), Stacey knows how to structure her tunes to keep parents and children interested and entertained."
"When I first put on Make It Happen from Boston area Stacey Peasley, my kids all looked up and said, “Hey, what’s that??” The title track “Make It Happen” is an infectious tune inspiring kids to change the world. (Watch the video). It is easy to hear the influence of rock and pop greats from recent decades, as in Peasley’s stadium anthem “Play the Game” or the ’90s style “Goodie Bag.” This fun album, full of inspiring messages for kids, is sure to uplift and encourage families this year."
"An effort that might remind you of legends like Joni Mitchell, Alanis Morissette or even Aretha Franklin, Peasley actually began her career as a teenager in the girl group The Chiclettes. And while making music for kids and families may seem like a big leap from those roots, the songstress is making the most important work of her career, and let’s hope it was as much fun to make as it is to listen to."

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